Seattle Seahawks VSR4 Mini Helmet


The original, with VSR4 style shell, Z2B (running back / quarterback) facemask, interior padding, and a 4 pt. chinstrap. Official shell colors and decals. The most popular collectible helmet in history. The cornerstone of collections everywhere. The ideal autograph helmet. Approx. 5" tall.Item # 55034

Seattle Seahawks VSR4 Mini Helmet


    Fans of just about any age can now show their loyalty by displaying a Riddell collectible helmet in sizes and price categories that fit every fan's needs. From pocket size collections to full-size authentics, current and throwback, individually and in sets, we pride ourselves on offering everything a collector might dream to own.  

    Our helmets are used extensively by autograph collectors to showcase their favorite athlete's autograph. Whether it's on a mini, deluxe replica, or authentic helmet, a star player's autograph will shine best when it's on a Riddell collectible.  


    This helmet is for display only. It is not intended to be worn or used as a protective helmet.


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    Seattle Seahawks VSR4 Mini Helmet

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