The goal was to design a helmet with fully-integrated components and innovations for peak athlete performance and state-of-the-art protection. We looked at the players’ – at all levels of competition – wants and needs, as well as those of coaches, equipment managers and athletic trainers.

Backed by our extensive research, including our 2+ million data points of on-field impacts, the foundation was firmly in place to create a new football helmet. The result … The Riddell SpeedFlex.

Riddell has a long history of innovation and often builds on the strengths of our technologies. The SpeedFlex uses elements from both the Riddell Revolution and the Riddell 360 – such as our Patented Side Impact Protection and All-Points Quick Release face mask attachment system -- but almost every component in the SpeedFlex is new – from the shell to the face mask to the chin strap to the interior padding system. Years of engineering, design, and testing went into building the SpeedFlex.

The SpeedFlex features The Flex System, with flexibility engineered into the helmet’s shell, face mask and face mask attachment system with hinge clips to help reduce impact force transfer to the athlete.

Player field vision and on-field performance go hand-in-hand. The HS4 (High Strength Stainless Spring Steel) face masks were designed exclusively for the SpeedFlex helmet. The unique properties of this material allow for a thinner gage, lightweight construction for improved sightlines and field of vision for the athlete.

We are always looking for ways to advance helmet technology and improve the experience of football community. Feedback from elite athletes during the helmet creation process told us the time was right to re-think the traditional snap-and-buckle design. Alternate chin strap or helmet retention systems have long been in development, and we decided to include the innovative Ratchet-Loc in the SpeedFlex design. The system is designed for easy, efficient on-field adjustments that can keep up with the game’s faster pace and offer a new way to secure proper fit each play.

The Riddell SpeedFlex helmet is not the future of football … The Riddell SpeedFlex is the here and now of football.

Riddell Speedflex

Frequently Asked Questions

Riddell SpeedFlex FAQ

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