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Who We Are

A passionate team dedicated to giving back to the football community while advancing the sport through game-changing innovations in helmet technology and protective equipment that enhance on-field performance.

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Our Vision

To boldly champion the future of football.

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How We Get There


Riddell was founded on a need to find a better way. Through that lens, Riddell is leading the game to a strong future by creating a path to next generation protection. From the original plastic helmet and now to innovate smart helmet technology and digital 3D imaging and manufacturing. Today, we are pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation that is not only good for the athletes, but also for the future of the game.

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We work with industry leaders across levels of football to collaborate on grassroots efforts that benefit the athletes, families, coaches, administrators and support staff associated with the game.

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Riddell has been the long-standing leader in football head protection and protective athletic equipment for more than 90 years, and we’re just getting started.

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We Believe in Football

We believe no other sport has the power to shape and change lives like football, and Riddell is uniquely positioned to champion its future. We believe football is more than a game but fosters a culture that teaches valuable lessons to those in and around it. We believe that by continuing to help young athletes perform to the best of their ability, we are building the foundation for the future of a sport that builds character, gets people moving, and one that unites communities and inspires us all.

We believe in football and its future. And we believe the future is bright.

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